School Kids Tracking


School Kids Tracking System which encomposes monitoring your kids away from your sight along with vehicle tracking telematics. Here the system provides mainly kid's bus arrival, destination, live tracking and attendance from parents point of view. The system uses RFID reader to make an attendance (In and Out from school), eases the manual work from school management.

Not only Vehicle Tracking and Student Tracking, the system includes many features like push notification of arrival, departure, SMS notification for events, etc... School management and parent both can live track School buses, their routes, bus stops and other related informations from their perspectives, in same application. Simply saying, the system unites parent and school management, to support each other and to fill the communication gap between two.


As the system name indicate, that the system Combines both Trackings of vehicle and Student via single application, which is precisely designed to convey the required features and reports according to parent and school management who are linked based on kids.


Track School Bus

The system facilitates live tracking of school buses and their routes, stops and boarding informations to both parent and School management.

Bus arrival alert

An Alert will be conveyed as push notification with location and timing to Parent to get prepare their school going kids according to it.

Attendance status

From School Management view, the system eliminates manual attendance system and replace it with RFID based advanced attendance method to kids.

Students safety

Live Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking ensure the kids and vehicle moving in safe zone and path that is well desired by both Parent and School.

Mobile & Web application

Well designed Tracking Application, that can perform in both Android & IOS mobile platforms and also in web based application serves the need.

Fleet Management

Very complicated task of Complete Fleet Management for School Management made ease with our system.


Know the status
System provides Status information of live tracking to both Parent and School Management.
Avoid Misuse
Continuous monitoring enable to identify the undesired scenario and to protect your most valuable kids from it.
Primary feature from Parent point of view is ensured by the Telematics and RFID combination.
System simplifies the overall management of School buses including performance on road.
Push notification and SMS indicates the on-going movement of system to prepare for up-coming event.
Mojor tasks from school managements are almost reduced and eliminated in some cases by the system.