Vehicle OBD Integration


Canbus OBD Integration It's a complete system monitoring combine with the connection between vehicle on Board computer and GPS tracking device to know the informations about engine, cruise control, other functional accessories like doors Windows seat belts, etc... to gain optimum parameter outputs in order to identify feet performance including safety.

System operates in two different modes simple can and all can. Both having different advantages on their own better interaction with GPS tracker.


General GPS tracking solution integrated with system on Board computer with can bus device, to maximize the performance and efficiency of the tracking system either for single vehicle or fleet.


Simple can

Contactless connection with the vehicle control to remotely access system data for the integration with GPS tracker for maximizing the efficiency.

Dashboard integration

GPS tracker is integrated with vehicle's dashboard to get direct data from engine management system like fuel, engine speed and other functional datas.

Assessories integration

System will integrate with vehicle accessories like doors, Windows, seatbelts for smooth and safe function of system as well as for people who travels in that vehicle.


Advanced communication system integrated with vehicles electronic control unit and various subsystem to know the exact and current status of engine, vehicle and accessories performance and functionality in real time.

Driver behaviour

Excluding GPS tracking the system will monitor the behaviour of driver to know for harsh driving, braking and for overspeed by continuous monitoring for ensuring safety of people on board and vehicle.


This Canbus feature can be integrated with all kinds of vehicles and adapt with engine management system configuration for smooth functionality of the system equipped with GPS tracking devices.


On Board Data
Canbus system spell supported with all kinds of vehicle management system and on board utilities.
As the GPS tracker system integrated with system computer via can bus device, improve overall efficiency of the system.
Tracking system with canbus provide support for Speed condition and movements of vehicle including safety.
Alerts and Reports
System will produce accurate and on time outputs as well as alerts when the system deviate from normal function.
As the driver behaviour and vehicle condition watched continuously, it ensure the safety of human life.
Anti Theft
GPS tracking system equipped with alarm and call features ease the action against vehicle theft.