Garbage Collection


Garbage Collection Management System is mainly designed to monitor and track garbage collecting vehicles their locations, routes and collection efficiency, by incorporating GPS tracking telecommunication, RFID integration, etc..

The application design is an ideal solution for service industry to be Proactive in their service which leads to increased customer satisfaction and high standard in customer retention.


It's a Logistic management system applied to garbage collection management by which we can track collecting vehicle informations, track and generating reports in order to maximize the performance effectiveness and so on...


24/7 monitoring

System can monitor the garbage collection vehicles 24/7 from administrative control room that is real time monitoring.

vehicle grouping

Vehicle can be grouped, according to the geo zone, for easy tracking and controlling and can be customised.


System will provide alerts in case of deficiency in routing collecting and performance up the garbage collecting vehicle in particular group.

Trip management

Routing and list of vehicles assigned to particular zone can be modified according to the availability in case of change in system in order to avoid stoppage.


In a single screen system will provide reports on vehicle summary vehicle movement and their performance including operational time and minor stoppages.


Overall system is designed to add edit and remove different options like vehicles, groups, routes to alter according to the situation.


live tracking
Current status and real time monitoring of garbage collection vehicle through advanced communication Technology.
schedule automation
System is made to automatic configuration and reschedule vehicles and routes calling to changes.
alerts and alarms
System will blow necessary alerts and alarms when it identifies efficiency or malfunction in performance.
The communication system with the human interaction made the system to adapt to the situation accordingly.
Real time monitoring of vehicle and RFID based collection gives latest reports for modification if needed.
As the system is automated, the overall performance of Garbage collection system is improved so as to maximize the efficiency.